CNN: Manning Verdict Won’t End Government Transparency in a Digital Age

  (CNN) — Pfc. Bradley Manning, who provided classified government documents to Wikileaks detailing, among other things, America’s undisclosed policies on torture, was found guilty of espionage on Tuesday. The verdict comes on the 235th anniversary of the passage of America’s first whistle-blower protection law, approved by the Continental Congress after two Navy officers were arrested and harassed […]   read more »

CNN: NSA phone snooping, a new kind of creepy

I’m finding hard to get too worked up over yesterday’s revelation that the National Security Agency has been authorized by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to collect all our call data from Verizon. Hasn’t everyone already assumed this? Everything we do in the digital realm – from surfing the web to sending an email […]   read more »

CNN: Yahoo wants Tumblr’s teens

So why would Yahoo — the original king of Internet discussion groups — pay over $1 billion for a simple little blog-publishing tool like Tumblr? Doesn’t the giant Web company have the ability to create its own application that lets people post words and pictures online? Of course it does. No, Yahoo isn’t buying a technology company […]   read more »

Steven Soderberg Describes His Own Present Shock

Here’s the beginning of Steven Soderbergh’s State of the Cinema Address, delivered Saturday in SF: So I’m getting comfortable in my seat. I spent the extra $60 to get the extra leg room so I’m trying to get comfortable and we make altitude. And there’s a guy on the other side of the aisle in […]   read more »

CNN: The terror of ‘real time’

So is this the “new normal”? That’s the question I keep hearing as people try to comprehend the tragedy at the Boston Marathon and its chaotic aftermath. The answer is yes — in more ways than you might think. I don’t mean that we’re supposed to get used to explosions, school shootings and other threats […]   read more »

CNN: The joke may be on Zuckerberg

Facebook’s latest defense of the mental distraction it creates for its users? It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! At least that’s the meaning I take from a Web commercial for the new smartphone start screen, Facebook Home, in which founderMark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the portal’s launch is disrupted and interrupted by a host of Facebook […]   read more »

‘Present Shock’: The Future Isn’t a Book, It’s a Videogame

by MORGAN CLENDANIEL via FastCompany.  In Present Shock, media theorist Douglas Rushkoff argues that technology has delivered us to the future, and so it’s now time to use that technology to allow us to focus on the present, instead of force us to constantly try to catch up. “I’m a Presentist,” says Douglas Rushkoff. His new book, Present Shock, […]   read more »

Douglas Rushkoff On The Terror of Modern Time

Nice short movie about Present Shock by Abe Riesman of the New York Observer’s “betabeat”.  Here’s the piece he wrote to go with it:  Douglas Rushkoff On The Terror of Time “Are we gonna give all our bloggers Adderall and stick ‘em in a room and tell ‘em to just churn out more shit?” By Abraham […]   read more »