Commodified vs. Commoditized

Strangely enough, this little usage dilemma hasn’t been written about in any reference book or website I can find. And my copyeditors at HarperCollins want me to use the word “commodified” exclusively, since it’s the only one in Websters. But I see the words as very different, and have issued a big STET on that […]   read more »

The Thin Brown Line

Sorry, but it is about race. The New Orleans neighborhoods in which black people live were always more likely to be flooded; those who “refused” to leave town were the ones who had no cars or money to get out; those doing the looting were – originally – those told to gather in spots like […]   read more »

Andrew Rasiej for Public Advocate

I’ve never used this space to support a political candidate, but Andrew Rasiej isn’t really a political candidate – he’s simply a great person running for New York City’s job of Public Advocate, and the person I’ve chosen to support. You can find out about him and his ideas on his website. I’ve known him […]   read more »

The Flap Copy is Done

Get Back in the Box:Innovation from the Inside OutTo be published in December, from CollinsBusiness. On a landscape that seems to be transforming itself with every new technology, marketing tactic, or investment strategy, businesses rush to embrace change by trading in their competencies or shifting their focus, altogether. All in the name of innovation! But […]   read more »

Current TV

By now, many of us have had a chance to see the medium known as Current TV. And yes, it’s disappointing. What was once envisioned as a bottom-up alternative to the propaganda-rich conglomerate network news, has instead emerged as a kind of MTV-News, without the news. Call it too 90’s, too hip, too marketed, or […]   read more »

Technologies of Persuasion – the course

I’ve finally finished the syllabus for the first semester of my new NYU/ITP course, Technologies of Persuasion: Marketing, Politics, and Propaganda in a Digital Age. The whole syllabus can be found here: /itp/persuasion.html Here are some highlights. his seminar will explore influence techniques from print, graphics, traditional media and social reality as they migrate to […]   read more »

Suicide Bombs as Viral Media

Although I’ve got very little spare time for blogging right now, I thought it important to share a brief reflection on what I perceive to be the underlying mechanism propelling the recent spate of suicide attacks, as well as the common misunderstanding about how these events are coordinated. Yes, these are “networked” events – but […]   read more »

Blasted Blasts

I’m supposed to have something intelligent to say about this morning’s blasts in London. It’s become one of those obligatory blog things – so much so, that people are emailing me today asking why I haven’t said anything about it. Which angle to choose? That the number of deaths in daily car bombs in Iraq […]   read more »

Be Your Own Guru

Here’s an excerpt from my new Arthur column. I’ll replace this post with the entire thing in a couple of weeks, for those of you who can’t get an issue. (Info on where to pick up free issues available at ) Be Your Own Guru My good friend Jody Radzik – the guy who […]   read more »

Rabbi Rushkoff

1 Iyyar 5765 Dear Professor Rushkoff This letter is to verify in writing that you have been ordained as a Rabbi in Israel. This honor has been bestowed upon you in recognition of your extraordinary study, dedication, and dissemination of the teachings of the principles and practices of Transformational Judaism. We welcome you to our […]   read more »