Non-Linear Narrative

Is this a bad movie script, or what? I mean, when I write fiction or even science fiction, I can’t tell stories this absurd or they seem too much like conspiracy theory. Even in the comic book I’m writing, I find it too preposterous to make one corporation run by a government official responsible for […]   read more »


…or close to it. I’m going to try to post more frequently now that I think we’ve finally gotten rid of our comments spammer (by banning links in comments, unfortunately; if you have a link, just explain it as, for example link: rather than all the ‘http://’ stuff). So expect some shorter observations, links […]   read more »

War on Pot is Biological Warfare

The high court today ruled that federal lawmakers have the authority to outlaw marijuana use by terminally ill patients, even if it’s prescribed by a doctor for chronic pain, and even if the substance is never taken over state lines. Why marijuana should be given such special (and legally specious) treatment by the courts and […]   read more »


There are many more important things to write about, but I’ve been meaning to share a strange set of perceptions I’ve had since getting a monitor through which I can watch HDTV. My main reaction is that it’s weird. McLuhan considered TV a “cool” medium, in that it required the participation of the audience to […]   read more »

Everything Bad is Good for Me, Too.

I’ve been deluged by emails over the past few weeks about Steven Johnson’s new book, Everything Bad is Good For You. People want to know how I feel about this new treatment ideas similar to those I posed in Playing the Future: How Kids’ Culture Can Teach Us to Thrive in an Age of Chaos, […]   read more »

How They Change Your Mind

Disinfo has just released a visual companion volume to my book Coercion, called How They Change Your Mind by Martin Howard. I’m humbled and honored that something I wrote could inspire such an effort. Here’s the preface I wrote for it. These are challenging times for conscious people. More challenging than I usually allow myself […]   read more »

Taking Back Reality

Remember that piece from last week – my Arthur column about “us” taking back reality and leaving the virtual realm for “them”? Well, it’s not a new idea – no, not even for me. David Kendall did an interview with me in Brighton in 1995 in which I reflected upon the very same idea. I […]   read more »

The Sigil Begins

I’m just finishing up the final edits on my next book, “Get Back in the Box,” and a lot of you have been asking me what the heck it’s about. While I’m still in no state to explain it in easy bites (that usually requires a few talks or interviews about it, as well as […]   read more »

Reality as Subversion

Here’s a preview of my new Arthur Magazine column. An exclusive for Rushkoff Blog readers! Reality as Subversion I had a weird vision the other day. Having brought our newborn back from the hospital just days before, my wife and I weren’t getting much sleep. I lied on the bed next to the baby and […]   read more »

Our Blog is Hip

So says The Village Voice, which included our ongoing discussion in its Education Supplement’s Brief Guide to Blogodemia. According to writer Geeta Dayal: “Impossibly hip NYU prof (he doubles as the keyboardist in the latest incarnation of Psychic TV!) and Frontline media personality Rushkoff sounds off on George W. Bush, cybercultural trends, culture jamming, the […]   read more »