Our Blog is Hip

So says The Village Voice, which included our ongoing discussion in its Education Supplement’s Brief Guide to Blogodemia. According to writer Geeta Dayal: “Impossibly hip NYU prof (he doubles as the keyboardist in the latest incarnation of Psychic TV!) and Frontline media personality Rushkoff sounds off on George W. Bush, cybercultural trends, culture jamming, the […]   read more »

Technologies of Persuasion

So, here’s what I’m thinking of for my next course at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Technologies of Persuasion: Marketing, Politics, and Propaganda in a Digital Age Douglas Rushkoff This seminar will explore influence techniques from print, graphics, traditional media and social reality as they migrate to the interactive space. We will first study the fundamentals […]   read more »

Comics as Event Horizon

Friend and ally on the sequential narrative landscape, Liam McSharp is just releasing a fascinating anthology of work by the artist and writers at Mamtor. He asked me to write a preface, and I was happy to oblige. (I’ve recently learned that the people in comics journalism can be extremely suspicious – and sometimes even […]   read more »

Rebooting Judaism

Every six months or so, I get to revisit the ideas I was working on in Nothing Sacred. Each time I do, they are approached as less controversial and more accepted. In turn, I take that as an invitation to explore a bit more deeply, out loud. This interview in New Zionist is unique mainly […]   read more »

Finished My Book

I’m happy to report I’ve just emailed the manuscript for my next book, “Get Back in the Box,” to the editor, and I feel much lighter as a result. Sure, there’s edits ahead, but the biggest step is complete. I’ll post more about the new book as it gets closer. I think it will succeed […]   read more »

The Needs of the One

…simply can’t distract the entire world from the deaths of the many. Or can they? President Bush has, for the very first time in is entire presidency, cut his vacation short in order to return to the White House and sign an arguably unconstitutional bill forcing a feeding tube to be shoved back down the […]   read more »

Evolution as a Team Sport

Here’s my first Arthur column. (Arthur is a free magazine. More info at ArthurMagazine.com.) If you’re familiar with the magazine, my contrarian position may feel a bit more pointed. Nothing is around the corner. There’s no threshold to reach, event horizon to cross, or moment of novelty to await. The change has happened. Indeed, you’re […]   read more »

Counterculture vs. Culture

I did a little conversation with RU Sirius over at The Raw Story, as the third part of a series he was doing with Tom Franks, Joseph Heath, and me. The stuff I said to him makes less sense out of context (I was to react to the conversations he already had) but here’s a […]   read more »


(First, thanks to Mobiustrip for fixing the comments area. It’s still not at all spam-proof, but at least it’s back up. I’ll keep a better archive of the existing code as I attempt to make it resist further attack by banning posts with links.) As for me, I’m working too hard on my book and […]   read more »