assistance needed

I’ve got a extremely simple comments PHP script handling the comments on this blog. Is there anyone out there, for love or profit, who would be willing to add some sort of filter to the script that would prevent these awful spams from getting in? email me at rushkoff at, or post willingness below. […]   read more »

Count of Counterculture

I had a great time last night at the party for Counterculture Through the Ages: From Abraham to Acid House, by Ken Goffman/RU Sirius. It seemed as if everyone from the Mondo2000 days was there, and gathered for the sole purpose of experiencing some connection and celebrating Ken’s emergence in the mainstream book publishing world […]   read more »

Counterculture Book Party

You’re all invited to a party for Ken Goffman (aka RU Sirius) on the launch of his new book: Counterculture Through The Ages With Supporting Cast MembersJohn Perry BarlowDan JoyGenesis P. OrridgeDouglas Rushkoffand Surprise Guests Lotus Lounge, New York CityNovember 23, 20049 PM409 West 14th StreetNew York City   read more »

No Surrender

From the discussions taking place online, on editorial pages, and on university campuses since the election, it’s easy to see that progressives have gotten themselves in a bind. Under the assumption that “the values thing” really is what led to their loss, they are wondering about how to craft a sustaining myth of their own […]   read more »

Jewish Holiday Fun…For You!

Looking for the perfect yet subversive Hannukah gift for that special someone? Buy my wife’s new book! Jewish Holiday Fun…For You! is an arch yet loving look at Jewish holidays, told through satirical recreations of print iconography – from TV Guide and the SAT exam to The New York Observer and Highlights (Chai Lights) magazine. […]   read more »

Do Not Despair

(Thus it begins.) Now that close to a day has passed since Kerry’s loss, it’s time for those of us who supported him to move on to supporting real people who need our help. I’ve heard far too many people say “with all that’s coming in the next four years, it’s better that it’ll happen […]   read more »

Frontline: The Persuaders

Want to understand what really happened in these elections? Watch my new documentary! PBS Frontline, November 9th, at 9pm in most places. It should be streamed online a few weeks later. More about the show from the Frontline website: FRONTLINE takes an in-depth look at the multi-billion dollar “persuasion industries” of advertising, market research, and […]   read more »

Let them Eat Myth

I’m wondering if denying poor people a mythology – even if we know it to be false – is such a great idea. It’s honest, and has more integrity, but it’s a bad strategy for eliciting their support. Poor people would rather vote for the myth that they’ll be taken care of – even if, in […]   read more »

Patience is Protest

The next week in Ohio will be interesting – potentially even violent. Not anti-Bush protests, but efforts to make Kerry’s demand that votes be counted look, instead, like a life and nation-threatening spoilage of an otherwise neat election. Gore’s people couldnt’ quite handle the abuse, and weren’t willing to be partners in that destructive battle. […]   read more »


Don’t let anyone convince you that your vote won’t count. That’s just another tactic to keep you from the polls. True, Kerry/Edwards will probably need a couple of million extra votes just to compensate for false challenges, rigged computers, and discarded results. But that’s better than having no chance or vote at all. Vote to […]   read more »