Me and Baruch

The Forward, a pretty established Jewish publication out of New York, has just announced its list of the Forward Fifty – a list of “the most influential members of the American Jewish community.” And right there in the section labeled ‘ideas’ is yours truly, “a latter-day Baruch Spinoza.” That’s about as good as it gets.   read more »

Danny Pearl book

A posted a while ago about an invitation I received from Danny Pearl’s parents to contribute to a volume of thoughts about Judaism/Jewishness in the wake of his murder called ‘I AM JEWISH: PERSONAL REFLECTIONS INSPIRED BY THE LAST WORDS OF DANIEL PEARL.’ I asked for some guidance from you all about what to say. […]   read more »

What am I working on?

Lots of people have been emailing to find out what I’m working on right now. Honestly, I’m working on too much. Here’s the main list – I’ll break it down in future posts, because some of it would benefit from discussion. 1. A new book on fun – doing things, particularly in one’s profession or […]   read more »

Stuff that is and isn’t true

“Lately I’ve begun to see so many things about me or my work that aren’t true. It’s become so easy to spread these fictions through the internet (thanks mostly to lazy reporters or web junkies who do all their research by typing in “key words” and then just repeat the same mistakes). And so I […]   read more »

No recovery

I don’t buy the economic recovery. A big bank merger and an unexpectedly high growth announcement last week led to some optimistic speculation by Wall Street’s optimistic speculators. Even a front-page NY Times analysis couldn’t help but credit Bush fiscal policy (the tax break) for the turnaround. I don’t think we’re in a turnaround. I […]   read more »

New Syllabus

I’m organizing a new seminar to teach at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU next semester. Here’s where I am, so far. Right to Play: Theoretical Perspectives on Interactivity The emergence of interactive technologies has profoundly altered our relationship to media and art from the position of spectators to that of players. For longer than […]   read more »

Where Are My Keys?

Having sold my trusty Roland just last year (on Ebay), I landed my spot as as keyboardist for PTV owning no keyboard. It has presented me with an interesting dilemma, because things have changed a lot since 1984 when I bought my last one. Real pianos and organs were before my time. Back in the […]   read more »

Psychic TV, Act III

I’m going to my first rehearsal tomorrow as the keyboard player for a newly formed reincarnation of Psychic TV, with Genesis P-Orridge. It’s a humbling prospect. Although it won’t be my first time playing with a band, it will be my first time playing with a band in a couple of decades, and my first […]   read more »

We are Responsible for the Way Things Are

Sorry for the radio silence – I’m just back from the UK, where access was a problem. (Actually, we were being put up in such a swanky neighborhood that there were no Internet cafes. We did, eventually, find a phone booth with a public terminal for email.) I did five talks in three days, all […]   read more »

Do Not Call Lists – threat to democracy?

Fighting off a flu this week, fresh from Howard Bloom’s first public talk in a couple of decades, and pondering just how Bush and the energy industy managed to save Enron money by recalling an elected official, I’ve been prone to darker speculation. So what I’m wondering is how the expansion of do-not-call registries may […]   read more »