Interviews all over the place

Interesting week. After some heat, the UJA-Federation of NY put their interview with me back on their website (albeit with a new framing device). Here’s a better one, done by Rachel Lehman-Haupt, on the great site Alternet.   read more »

Rushkoff Interview Yanked From UJA Website

Fascinating times. I’m doing a charity talk next week for Camp Wellmet – a Jewish-sponsored camp for urban kids. It’s being hosted by the United Jewish Appeal center in NYC, so everyone thought it would be a good idea for me to do an interview for the UJA website. I just received an email from […]   read more »

We’re Number Eight!

‘Nothing Sacred’ entered the San Francisco Chronicle’s non-fiction bestseller list at #8 this week. The greatest part about it is the implicit approval in their choosing to categorize it as non-fiction! (I’ll take what I can get, given some of the reviews.) Off to Toronto this week (in spite of family warnings about the new […]   read more »

Rushkoff the Atheist Kills God and Judaism

I’m back from a four-week leg of the tour. It was the longest one I’ll be going on, and by far the most expensive and grueling one, too, so I figure this means I reached the apogee of my road experience. I don’t think I’ve ever been as encouraged and discouraged at the same time. […]   read more »

Evolution as Tradition – the continuity of change

A lot of the people I’ve been speaking with lately are wrestling with what seems to them like a paradox: if we keep our relationship to religion so alive that it seems to be reborn for every generation, then what happens to continuity? Or they’re afraid that if Judaism becomes primarily concerned with social justice, […]   read more »

Welcoming One Another Welcoming One Another Douglas Rushkoff Special To The Jewish Week So just who is allowed to participate in the conversation that is Judaism, anyway? Is it a blood test, a history of contributions to the right philanthropies, or a working knowledge of the Talmud that earns one a place at the table? Sure, I […]   read more »

Icons and Iconoclasm

Okay, enough about Judaism as Judaism for today. Here’s a little piece I wrote for an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone about “The Power of Icons.” I suppose its Jewish-themed, after all, since I see the starting point of Judaism as iconoclasm. Ahh. No escape. — The Power of Icons Take a look at an […]   read more »

Judaism as a Medium – practicing what we preach

So I think I’m finally learning how to speak about Judaism. That is, I’m learning how to speak about religion as a process, rather than as a thing. And this tends to make the whole discussion a heck of a lot less contentious. In media theorist’s terms, I guess what I’m trying to do is […]   read more »

Speaking to People About Religion

So, the tour for Nothing Sacred is underway. I’ve got a few dates in NYC and DC before heading out West. Very intense, so far. So intense, that I’m thinking of softening my approach. I’ve only spoken at a couple of synagogues and seminaries so far, but I’m fast learning that people are less willing […]   read more »