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Be Your Own Guru

Here’s an excerpt from my new Arthur column. I’ll replace this post with the entire thing in a couple of weeks, for those of you who can’t get an issue. (Info on where to pick up free issues available at ) Be Your Own Guru My good friend Jody Radzik – the guy who […]   read more »

Buffett says “We’re coming back!”

But he really means, “please, everybody say we’re coming back!” In an interview published today in HuffPost, billionaire and investment guru Warren Buffett assured Americans that their economy was on the rise. No depression, just recovery. But where he revealed his true agenda was in his advice for Obama: speak with “enormous confidence” about the […]   read more »

Death in the Center Ring

Timothy Leary’s High Dive by Douglas Rushkoff “That’s probably the worst place in the house to leave those,” Tim barks at a beautiful young assistant as she clears a pile of videocassettes from the path of his oncoming electric wheelchair. Then he stops short. “What are they, anyway?” “Dead Man Walking, Nixon, Babe, some documentary…” […]   read more »


First, apologies to the hundreds of people who have received emails seeming to come from me, inviting you to join something called JaseZone. Until I received your complaints, queries, and bouncebacks, I had no idea JaseZone existed. This episode has led to an interesting exchange with the company, though, and renewed fears that artificial Internet […]   read more »

This should be interesting

I’ll be making a rare NYC public appearance this week (they’ve become rare because of the duties of fatherhood), engaging in a conversation with author Daniel Pinchbeck, who was recently contextualized as something of a Burning Man apocalyptic guru in a Rolling Stone. Emails from friends and readers (who know my bias against guruhood and […]   read more »

How They Change Your Mind

Disinfo has just released a visual companion volume to my book Coercion, called How They Change Your Mind by Martin Howard. I’m humbled and honored that something I wrote could inspire such an effort. Here’s the preface I wrote for it. These are challenging times for conscious people. More challenging than I usually allow myself […]   read more »


Back on the day when AOL bought Time/Warner, the New York Times asked me to write an OpEd for them. “What does it all mean?” my assigning editor asked. What I wrote was that AOL’s purchase of Time/Warner heralded the end of the bubble. AOL was cashing in its casino chips. And just like […]   read more »