Ain’t it Cool Strikes Again

Ain’t it Cool News has once again made my day – and month – with this great review.

DC Vertigo

In the first two issues of this series, Douglas Rushkoff was simply telling parallel stories set in both Biblical times and the near future. In this issue, though, something happened I expected to be a long time off yet: the ancient gods who have been observing our cast of subcultural insurgents begin to directly interfere in events, to startling affect. We also get a retelling of one of the creepier stories in the Book of Genesis (let’s just say I’ve always wondered how Job and his daughters passed the exit exam from Sodom and Gomorrah) along with jackbooted thugs, an oddly well-informed wino, and some kinda giant robotic cricket. The book continues to move along at a steady clip, throwing out lots of interesting concepts that work on multiple levels but without being too arcane. This is one of the strongest Vertigo launches I’ve seen in a long time, and perhaps the most literate since THE INVISIBLES. — Sleazy G