Alive Again

Wow. The server for this site was down all week, and it ended up being faster to move to a new host than to wait for the repairs. Sorry for the interruption.

I must admit, however, that I got more work done in the last four days of no blogging and limited email than I’ve gotten done all year. At least more of what I usually consider “real” work, including two proposals for a monthly comic book series, a chapter of my next book, an article and a half for TheFeature, and a final draft of the narration for the upcoming Frontline documentary.

With weeks like this, I have to wonder – much as William Gibson did when he quit his blog – how my use of blogging and webbing impacts my work. It goes back to some of the earlier discussion we were having about professional and amateur blogs, and the different roles these spaces play in the lives of different people.

Oh yeah – I also managed to almost completely repair an old pachinko machine that a friend gave me close to ten years ago.

In short, I feel alive again. And now the site is live again, too. Let’s see who lasts longer.