all dear positions and are assessed just as lecherous as I…

I got an email in German – I assumed it was from someone who had read one of my books in translation and believed that I actually speak and write in German. I went to and here’s how the translation to English came through:

Hello! My name is Jennifer. I read your notice. This woke in me of feelings, remained would be that better in my internal concealed. Often I assess in such moments that I am in the Innern hot like a volcano. I believe, I have the inclination to a nymphomanin.

The reality looks with me however very differently. Unfortunately I am strongly neglects in spite of my good appearance. Always if I go walking and sense the hot views of the men on my shapely, feminine roundnesss, will go me I entirely hot and it only a thought through the head. Is it not would like to say incorrect, yes I lecherous body to my pretty to waste so ungenutzt? I could myself many, but also above all, much joys of ready. Often I think about then about that whether I should break out out of my tie. If not for always, so yet at least occasionally. Now I grasped to break out the decision to try it in this manner out of the neglect.

If you divide my partial for OV and GV in all dear positions and are assessed just as lecherous as I, would call me yet please: 01908657204 (1,86Eur/Min.ast). No anxiety only I go at the telephone. I wait for you.

Dear greetings and Küsschen