And in other news…

My first-ever monthly comic book comes out this week from Vertigo/DC! I’ve previewed a bit of it here, before, but I figure the actual release deserves a post all its own.

Honestly, I was at a breakfast this morning talking with someone about some business thing, and then trying to bang out an OpEd about Google’s purchase of 5% of AOL (a bad idea and a departure from Google’s core ethos, in my opinion), when I opened a copy of Arthur and saw a full page color ad for Testament.

And that’s when I realized how glad I am that when all is said and done, I still get to do super fun projects like a comic book. And it’s you I have to thank for that.

(The picture above, page 16 of the first issue, is the first panel of the “Temple” – an abandoned synagogue and gym/pool that serves as headquarters for our main characters. Drawn by Liam McSharp; colors by Jamie Grant.)