And now for something completely different…

Some of you might remember I served as the keyboard player for Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s recently (re)-formed band, PTV3. It was a terrific experience, though not one I could keep up given my other responsibilities as father, husband, writer, and teacher.

The band’s first album, Hell is Invisible…Heaven is Her/E just came out. Luckily for me, they kindly let me sit in and lay down a few tracks for a song on which I share a writing credit, as well (not for lyrics, but the music).

I don’t have a copy of the album yet, myself, but I ordered one from Amazon (actually, use the link and then click on ‘new and used’ for cheaper retailers) and invite you to support this band in the same way. They’re a dedicated bunch, and deserve to be out there doing this as long as they choose to. If you’re looking for some interesting music, also check out some bands I’ve been following lately: Block Party, The Freedom Haters, and a hiphop artist named Propaganda Anonymous.