Arthur and more

Sorry about the downtime. Dan was trying to fix the comments to make it so I could easily delete bad posts, but it broke the whole thing. I just put back the old one. So we should be fine, and so should our friend, spammer bozhang.

I am getting better at editing him out – it’s just a matter of whether he can post viruses, etc., that threaten my server and get me in trouble. I’ll deal with it.

Your news and reward for continued visitation:

1) I’m doing a new column in the FREE magazine, Arthur. It’s not a pay thing, but a love thing. Please do check out Arthur. I think it’s the only magazine of its kind right now, and an important effort by a sweet and smart person.

2) I’ll be finished with my book April 1, which will mean more time for posting and other freelance expression. I will return, promise. I should also be beginning a screenplay by then, and I’ll attempt to make the process as “open source” as possible – or at least open.

3) I’m not supposed to announce it officially, but I’m telling you out of guilt for not being able to post with my books, teaching, speaking, and – most time-consuming – baby raising. I’m doing a comic book for Vertigo, based on the question “what if the Bible were happening now?”