Baby’s First Hanukah

I’m not posting as regularly as I’d like – the season, my work, and gestation support have gotten the best of my time. Still, I thought I’d share this strange, living collage of life at the Rushkoff’s right now.

The menorah, a spontaneous gift from Genesis and Jackie Breyer P-Orridge. The foreground, my wife and unborn child. The window – chipped and peeling from the never-ending work on this building; the same one from which Cruise and Co. were photographed, below.

Have great holidays, and remember: this is the time of year when most people are unhappy. That’s why they started all the solstice rituals, to begin with. Problem is, buying and receiving gifts doesn’t actually fill that empty place – in fact, consumption can exacerbate it.

So chill with some friends, don’t worry about not getting as much work done, and get into the slowdown if that’s what your body and mind are doing. You’ll find a new, seasonally appropriate pace in the next couple of weeks.