Be part of the Media Squat theme tune

We are currently making a new intro and outro theme for Doug’s radio show, The Media Squat on WFMU

We are looking for people to call into our hotline voicemail and leave a very short ‘shout out’. The idea is to have a collage of voices saying things, whether it’s the name of the show or a short sentence or even sound.

Here are some particular phrases we are looking for, but not limited to:

1. The Media Squat
2. The Media Squat on WFMU
3. Free Form Radio
4. Open Source
5. Find the others

But as I mentioned, feel free to say anything. Be creative. The intro is less than a minute, so if you leave a longer message I’ll just sample a piece of it.

Here is the number to call:


(try and make sure the call is complete and it goes through properly so we don’t end up with dropped messages)

–posted by Janine