Being Reasonable

Marc Babej’s site, Being Reasonable, is always interesting for his ability to apply logic to the BS-stymied thinking surrounding business, marketing, and communications. I share his radical belief that the best way for a product to communicate its value is through its value. In other words, the best advertisement for a good hammer is a good hammer.

He’s been a friend of “Get Back in the Box” since before publication, and has just done another brief interview with me about that book and the new comic series, Testament.

“So it’s this terrible irony: ‘belief’ in the Bible as actual history, or worse, as a real estate claim, reduces the document’s ability to live. It’s the same sort of problem that lawmakers face when the Constitution of the US is treated as something set in stone rather than a document that can evolve. That’s really the creationist/evolutionary argument in a nutshell. Amazingly, if you really look at the Bible, you see that God is arguing for an evolutionary outlook on reality, anyway.”