Big Interview at Figure/Ground

They just posted a big text interview with me at FigureGround – a website based in Canada looking at a lot of media theorists and thinkers.

Here’s a piece:

What are you currently working on and when is your next book coming out?

I’m currently working on a summit called Contact that I hope will restore some of the lost optimism and potential of the early net. My next published thing that’s coming out is a graphic novel I wrote for Vertigo three years ago, that’s finally coming out in 2012. It’s about kids raised from birth to be video game testers. I’m hoping someone decides to make it as a movie, too, so that it can ultimately end up a series of video games. That’d be fun. I’m spending most of my time working on a new book that I hope will help people see what’s going on right now from a more able perspective. I think people have gotten caught up with catching up. Time is compressing for us, and we think we’re narrowing in on the present when we’re actually doing the opposite. The notion of “now” is a really funny thing, and almost always concerns some form of delusion, distraction, or manipulation. I’m working on a book that may help rip that one open. I want us to have the benefit of traditional narrative, even in a non-linear, post-narrative world. Just because stories aren’t true doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. And I totally get why people feel there’s no time for them, anymore. But if what I’m trying to do works, we’ll end up with all the time in the world.