Renaissance Now?

I first posted the embryo of this idea on a bbs called the Well back in 1991 or so. I was wondering, at the time, if recent advances in math, physics, technology and culture constituted a new renaissance. The conversation went on for over a year, and became the basis – or at least an […]   read more »

I saw a bad thing happen…

I don’t know whether sharing the specifics of the story is worthwhile. Witnessing a negative event is like receiving a chain letter. We feel compelled to share what we saw – but we magnify the negative effect when we do. Briefly – and this time only – I’ll tell you what I saw: a guy […]   read more »

Exit Strategy Tour

As long as we’re on the subject, I’ll be doing some talks/readings in late June, early July: June 27th Deregulator 720 9th street Durham, NCJune 28th Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe, 55 Haywood St., Asheville, NCJune 29th Book Warehouse 2158 Blowing Rock Road Boone North CarolinaJune 30th Barnes & Noble 2900 Peachtree Road, NE Atlanta, GAJuly 1 B&N […]   read more »

Book Party

I’m having a little book release party, here in NYC, for the people who participated in the ‘open source’ writing experiment for my novel, Exit Strategy. All of my proceeds from the book are being donated to the EFF and Free Software Foundation. So buy a bunch. The details of the party are:Wednesday June 19, […]   read more »


I just got an email from Holland — some questions from a person who saw a museum exhibit called BodyLogo that I had almost completely forgotten about. It was a collaboration between me, one artist and one advertising art director. I couldn’t say an awful lot about it, because I didn’t get to participate as […]   read more »


I’m finishing the rewrite of my Nothing Sacred book over the next 8 days; sorry for the slower-than-usual posting schedule, here. I thought I’d share one of the newer ideas that occurred to me as I spoke in Germany and Croatia. It has to do with scalability, and the difference between revolution and renaissance. I […]   read more »

Croatia Rules

I just wrote a thousand word post and lost it. Argh. No time to rewrite the whole thing. Not today – so very sorry. Basically, I wrote that Croatia was great. I gave one of my best talks ever there, at a Drama Academy. And it wasn’t my fault that it was so good. It […]   read more »

In Croatia now

Hiya, I’m in Croatia now. It’s nice here – but a bit hot, and I’m exhausted from a day of arguing with German journlaists. Everyone here wants to talk and party. I’m just too exhausted to oblige, and I have two talks to do here that I want to save my energy for. My host […]   read more »

Posting from Hamburg

Hey all. I’m posting from Hamburg, with jetlag and a German keyboard layout. Pardon the mess. Just delivered a talk to around 500 people – mostly marketers. I was supposed to talk about youth culture. I told them to stop thinking about youth culture so much and to grow up. The problem is that adults […]   read more »