Jews in Utah

I have trouble focusing, sometimes. I think it’s because I’m not too good at ignoring whatever is really going on. It’s like when somebody takes me to ‘lunch’ to talk about his or her career goals. When I’m eating lunch, I get completely distracted by the lunch, itself. And all the people in the restaurant. […]   read more »

sorry for the downtime today. one of our routers went bad. in the process of repair, detatched the domain from our dns servers for some reason, and it’s taking a while now to repropagate. i apologize for any inconvenience. — webmaster dan   read more »

Early Weekend

Well, I’m to off Utah, beginning tomorrow, to facilitate a weekend summit. Should be interesting. They’ve gathered together quite a crew of people – even a pulitzer prize winner – with very different sorts of ideas to discuss what should be done, if anything, about Judaism, Jewishness, even Israel, today. As facilitator, I won’t be […]   read more »

Wake to Alarm

Very interesting week. I gave a talk at the Eastern Communications Association annual conference. Well, more of talk/discussion. It’s still weird for me to sit in front of a room of real professors and such, as the ‘lead thinker.’ It’s one thing to give a talk to the readers of my books or kids at […]   read more »

Relative Absolutes

Seems some of the conversation in the ‘comments’ area is getting a little sidetracked by some really old cunundrums. Please allow me to try and help, while clarifying some of my own positions. There’s a dangerous misperception, held by a lot of people, that ethical contentions and open-mindedness are mutually exclusive. There’s some truth this […]   read more »

Half an hour of me on TV.

Here I am on a PBS show called Digital Age, talking about “How technology is changing the stories we tell.” It’s a pretty good interview, all things considered, in which I get out – in a fairly succinct fashion – my whole take on narrative, its abuse, and how we can – must – all […]   read more »

Why I don’t like arguing about this, or anything?

My work – my writing, talks, and experiments – is all intended to help people escape reality tunnels. Every one of my books is trying to wake people up from the game. (A bit like that moment in the Matrix when he sits up out of his little pod for the first time.) Sometimes I […]   read more »

Not a Middle East Blog

Not to turn this into the Middle East Blog, but I’ve had a few more thoughts, thanks to the comments and email of the past few days. 1) I don’t think we have any idea what’s really going on at any given moment. The leaders playing this out are working on a level we just […]   read more »

Geez. I had no idea how much response there’d be to this thing. I’ll get a comments button up, soon. Sorry to have offended anyone with MidEast talk. It’s just been all over the place, lately, and I wanted to clear up some of what I felt was being too conveniently left out of most […]   read more »

Media Squatters and the Middle East

I started an email discussion list called media-squatters a few years ago. It began as a way for my readers to discuss my books’ topics with me and other readers, and eventually morphed into a conversation about media, perception, and cultural narrative. (And, of course, almost anything to do with consciousness expansion and alternative cultural […]   read more »