Not a Middle East Blog

Not to turn this into the Middle East Blog, but I’ve had a few more thoughts, thanks to the comments and email of the past few days. 1) I don’t think we have any idea what’s really going on at any given moment. The leaders playing this out are working on a level we just […]   read more »

Geez. I had no idea how much response there’d be to this thing. I’ll get a comments button up, soon. Sorry to have offended anyone with MidEast talk. It’s just been all over the place, lately, and I wanted to clear up some of what I felt was being too conveniently left out of most […]   read more »

Media Squatters and the Middle East

I started an email discussion list called media-squatters a few years ago. It began as a way for my readers to discuss my books’ topics with me and other readers, and eventually morphed into a conversation about media, perception, and cultural narrative. (And, of course, almost anything to do with consciousness expansion and alternative cultural […]   read more »

Content management systems. I’ve always been against them – not for everyone, but for someone like me. I like knowing everything about my own site – and I like everyone who uses it to understand exactly what is going on, too. I’ve generally found that the more transparent the technology through which an idea is […]   read more »

John Brockman – – just wrote a pretty smart essay on the re-marriage of science and culture studies after a long period of opposition. (Hasn’t posted it, yet. Link to come.) He asked a few of us for comments to begin his online discussion. I thought I’d pass on my contribution. This blog-thing is […]   read more »

Hey, everyone. Today is the beta-launch of the new, constructed mostly by webmaster Dan Sieradski. It’s been a long time coming, but simplicity can be difficult. A lot has happened over the past few months. I’m still in the final throes of finishing my book, Nothing Sacred, so I’m not going to be posting […]   read more »