Team Human Live at Civic Hall Tomorrow 12/13, New Episode!

Join Douglas Rushkoff’s Team Human Show for a live discussion with Penny Abeywardena and Mark Pesce | Doors 5:30 PM Showtime 6 PM. Click here for FREE tickets: Not in New York this week? Check out the latest Team Human. Geert Lovink and Douglas share a deep conversation about moving beyond platforms and formats. Can […]   read more »

Team Human: “The Commodity of Authenticity” and “System Reboot”

You know how YouTuber’s always start their videos with some forced, casual greeting like, “Hey guys!” It’s actually a faux, learned style of authenticity. And the more authentic it sounds, the higher the views and happier the algorithms. Authenticity (or the simulation of authenticity) is the new commodity. My Team Human guest this week, Jamie […]   read more »

Team Human is Done!

From Douglas Rushkoff’s mailing list. Subscribe Here Team Human, the book, is on its way from the printer’s to the publishers. You, pre-ordering it now, for yourself, your friends or your whole company/organization (if you have one) helps me and the book in all sorts of ways. No, we shouldn’t rework our whole lives to […]   read more »

Team Human: Two New Episodes, Meetup and Medium

Don’t miss the most recent episodes of Team Human! On Episode 109, Douglas hosted Jason Schmitt. Jason looks at the big business of for-profit academic publishing in his new documentary Paywall:The Business of Scholarship. Should the the world’s research be locked behind closed doors? Jason makes the case for open access on today’s Team Human. This week […]   read more »

Two New Team Human Episodes: Fred Turner and Jessica Blank

I want to make sure you don’t miss this conversation with Fred Turner featured on last week’s Team Human: How were the early utopian visions of technology subsumed into an ideology of individualism and ultimately, consumerism? Fred Turner, author of Counterculture to Cyberculture and The Surround, discusses with me how Gregory Bateson and Margaret Meade […]   read more »

Team Human: Nora Bateson on Complexity, Relationships, and “Warm Data”

Playing for Team Human today is systems thinker, writer, and filmmaker Nora Bateson. Nora will be telling us how to stop looking at things as objects and begin seeing the spaces and connections between them. It’s not too late to bring our species back from the brink! This conversation was recorded backstage in Palo Alto at the […]   read more »

Team Human: Nathan Schneider on Platform Cooperativism

Playing for Team Human today is platform cooperative activist, journalist, and author of Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition that Is Shaping the Next Economy, Nathan Schneider. With contemporary examples and historical context, Nathan makes the case that the cooperative movement is not mere utopian idealism, but a very real and vital economic shift that […]   read more »

Team Human: Giving Each Other Some Slack w/ Sarah Lageson PhD

What happens when our past becomes indelibly fixed in the online databases that shape our digital identities? Is there ever escape from the internet’s permanent memory for our blemishes and increasingly public misfortunes? Sarah Lageson studies the serious social ramifications and new forms of “digital punishment” meted out by the growth of online crime data. […]   read more »

Team Human: Seeing New Worlds w/ danah boyd

Playing for Team Human today, technology and social media scholar, founder of Data & Society Research Institute, and author of It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, danah boyd. On today’s episode, Douglas and danah talk about stepping outside of our narrow worldviews. How does technology amplify our biases? Where does human agency lie in […]   read more »