Fast Company – The Silver Lining Of Anti-Globalism Might Be The Creation Of A True Digital Economy

The rise of nationalist sentiments are not the cause of the economic shift underway, but a result of it. The real force energizing these changes is digital. While the digital economy has accelerated and amplified many of the mechanisms investors and corporations use to grow their capital, it has left most people with less money and less opportunity. This latest burst of fear stemming from that lack of opportunity is coming in the form of nationalism, and even protectionism, but it also could offer us a fleeting but real chance to turn our digital economy toward the needs of people instead of finance itself.   read more »

CNN – Trump as job creator – hope or hoax?

Trump's business policies can only be understood through the lens of public relations. Mood over Moody's. Market sentiment, not market fundamentals. In his schema, it matters less how much money people are making or how secure their jobs really are than how much money they feel like they're making and how secure they believe their jobs to be.   read more »

Bleeding Cool – Aleister and Adolf Favorite Graphic Novel 2016

This book has been an outlier on many press radars, but it’s one of those densely crafted, significant works that hopefully will be the gift that keeps on giving, showing comic creators and fans what new directions in the medium can be taken. Written by powerhouse social critic Douglas Rushkoff and drawn by the endlessly original Michael Avon Oeming the book tracks a fictional account of Aleister Crowley’s media wars with Adolf Hitler based on a few key historical facts.   read more »

Proletariat Pong

I made this videogame/NewYear’s card with my friends at – a new platform for people who want to make interactive stuff with a simple drag-and-drop toolset. Ready is to programming what WordPress is to markup, or Mac/Windows were to DOS. Or if you’re old like me, imagine what would have happened if Hypercard and […]   read more »

Gutter Trash – Aleister and Adolf

On episode 340, the Gutter Trash podcast discusses Aleister and Adolf. "In a story spanning generations, and featuring some of the most notable and notorious idealists of the 20th century, legendary occultist Aleister Crowley develops a powerful and dangerous new weapon to defend the world against Adolf Hitler’s own war machine spawning an unconventional new form of warfare that is fought not with steel, but with symbols and ideas. Unfortunately, these intangible arsenals are much more insidious and perhaps much more dangerous than their creators could have ever conceived."   read more »

BoingBoing – Crowley & Hitler Wage Occult War in Rushkoff’s Latest

Anyone who’s waded any distance into the murky waters of legend surrounding British occultist Aleister Crowley has likely heard the stories about his involvement with British intelligence in WWII. He helped interrogate Rudolf Hess after Hess flew a plane from Germany to Scotland to negotiate peace. He worked closely with Ian Fleming (and Fleming’s Blofeld is based on him). He falsified astrology charts to throw off Hitler’s soothsayers. Or, these are the apocryphal stories, anyway.   read more »

Digital Trends – Trump is a Media Virus

We’ll likely never touch the man, sit in the same room, or establish rapport with him. But he has nonetheless infected all of us quite intimately — some of us willingly, and some less so. That’s because he is less invasive as a person than he is as a virus. Yes, Donald Trump is a media virus, in the truest sense of the term.   read more »


I don’t mind innovations that disrupt existing markets as a byproduct of their superiority or efficiency. But I do mind innovation designed solely to disrupt existing, functioning marketplaces for the sole goal of establishing monopolies, extracting value, and then moving on. In the tech economy today, it’s almost exclusively the latter.   read more »

Open Democracy UK – Re-writing the Core Code of Business

Platform cooperatives – as a direct affront to the platform monopolies characterizing digital industrialism – offer a means of both reclaiming the value we create and forging the solidarity we need to work toward our collective good. Instead of extracting value and delivering it up to distant shareholders, we harvest, circulate, and recycle the value again and again. And those are precisely the habits we must retrieve as we move ahead from an extractive and growth-based economy to one as regenerative and sustainable as we're going to need to survive the great challenges of our time.   read more »

P2P Foundation – When Memes Fail Us

I know this has been a rough time for a lot of you, and I hope you are doing well. In brief: Yes, there has been a major electoral upheaval, and it seems there are many confused people out there working under some pretty strange assumptions. But no, this isn’t as much of a shift as it may seem. If anything, this is the legacy of the 20th Century coming back to haunt us...   read more »