Trent Lott

Let him keep his job, even though his longstanding racist agenda is coming to light. He represents a significant constituency of the Republican party. Yes, Bush publically scolded Lott for what he said (that Strom Thurmond, a segregationist, should have been President). But the Republicans need a guy like Lott around, hinting to the more […]   read more »

How President Cheney can Shut Down the Press

Okay, so it’s getting pretty obvious that Pres. Cheney wants to recreate the Ford administration, and to bring back an era when the press and the public are regarded as the chief enemies of the White House. (Poindexter’s new appointment, Kissinger’s role as an ‘investigator’, increasing secrecy, and court rulings that Cheney need not reveal […]   read more »


In my novel Exit Strategy, I imagined some pretty bizarre marketing methods involving hypnosis and brainwave tracking. A couple of critics here in the United States attacked such notions as paranoid and outlandish. Well, two years is a long time in the marketing universe. And the techniques are now real. “…In a hospital in […]   read more »

Can’t Afford Not to Consume

I don’t yet understand why it costs more to fix an old cassette deck than to buy a new one. I suppose I do understand. The labor cost for an American technician to fix a tape deck costs more than the foreign labor to assemble one, plus parts. That, and the fact that the shipping […]   read more »

Rich against Poor

(Apologies for the lapse – it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve been responding to over a thousand emails since the NYTimes OpEd (see below), and I shot a commentary for CBS Sunday Morning, which will air Sunday December 15, at 9am in most parts of the US. I’ll also post a transcript, here, […]   read more »

Port Side

The shock and dismay that America’s thinking people might feel in the wake of the electorate’s rightward swing must not be allowed to divert us from the reasons behind the left’s own failure to make democracy a reality here in America. In fact, the over-simplified left-right duality is, itself, a remnant of an earlier, simpler […]   read more »

Customized Freedoms

Just back from a big trip to other countries. It was strange to watch world and US events from there on CNN and BBC. Distance can provide, well, distance. The worst part of traveling is the sense of powerlessness – especially when submitting to foreign customs and immigration officers. I don’t travel with drugs or […]   read more »

Bush’s Big Bluff

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I find myself not believing that we truly intend to go to war. Luckily, this Blog has a limited enough reach for me to continue to share and spread this idea without undermining what I see as the administration’s big bluff. Well, not a bluff, exactly. But […]   read more »

Unified Fields

I’m off in half an hour to a conference in Aspen that I’m facilitating, about the potential synergy between the disciplines of science, art and spirituality. Of course, the insight that these disciplines are related, even interdependent, is nothing new. The Tao of Physics, Dancing Wu Li Masters, and countless other books since the 1960’s […]   read more »

The Darker Side of Enlightenment

So, last night I went to hear an ‘awakened’ master, Andrew Cohen speak about his new book. I’d read his latest book, Living Enlightenment, in the first hour of a plane flight (on the way to do an Esalen workshop on spirituality, ironically) hoping to glean a few insights about the process of spiritual awakening, […]   read more »