Bob photo

Just got this photo, taken yesterday, of Bob saying thanks to everyone who came to his rescue last week. Yes, he’s gotten quite svelt, but remember – it’s the light behind the eyes that matters.

Stop sending money! But keep the good vibes coming. They’re what’s keeping him feeling alive.

As for me, I was in Germany last week, and off to Michigan today. But this massive effort has certainly given me something to do during the ten hours of flight delays so far.

I’ll start posting about other things – there’s lots going on in the life and thoughts of Rushkoff – when I’m back from this next little trip. My whole take on this effort to assist RAW, as well as my recent public conversation with Daniel Pinchbeck (available for viewing on here on Video.Google) will appear in the next Arthur magazine in just three weeks. But I’ll share highlights of all that here, soon.