Broken Frontier

Here’s a great new interview about Testament on Broken Frontier, conducted by a comics fan and religion scholar, Beth Davies. She’s also doing a presentation about the comic to the American Academy of Religion this Friday. That should be interesting.

Here’s a snip from the interview:

BF: What does it mean to “hack” reality? I’ve done some coding in my time, and I can imagine hacking into a system. But into reality? Help me imagine doing that.

DR: Just do one thing that’s not expected of you.

What’s hacking, anyway? Repurposing something—using something in a way it may not have been “intended.” I think the ultimate hack of reality is to realize it hasn’t been “intended” to be anything. There’s no creator. Just creation myths. If you want the world to be created differently, then go write a new myth. If you want the world to work differently, then change the laws, or whatever is in the way. Nothing is sacred. Only the stuff that people are afraid of need the protection of sanctity.

Reality hacking can be as simple as changing a one-way highway into a two-way street, so that less kids get run over and more stores can be developed on either side. Create a neighborhood out of a former highway. That’s good enough for me.

Or create your own local currency. Get people to use it instead of dollars in your community, and watch Wal-Mart go out of business. Easy as that, if you realize it’s possible. But most of us don’t, and so we suffer and maybe pray a little for things to be changed for us.