Buffett says “We’re coming back!”

But he really means, “please, everybody say we’re coming back!”

In an interview published today in HuffPost, billionaire and investment guru Warren Buffett assured Americans that their economy was on the rise. No depression, just recovery.

But where he revealed his true agenda was in his advice for Obama: speak with “enormous confidence” about the nation’s economic future.

Buffett is trying to take the first step, going out on a limb to speak confidently about the failing economy. He believes – and there’s some merit to this – that if everyone can be made to believe the economy is recovering, then it will recover. Businesses will hire more people and those people will earn more money and be able to buy the things made by the businesses.

Except it doesn’t work like that, anymore.

We actually have to break the false connection between having a “job” and having enough stuff. I believe we could take care of pretty much everyone’s needs – at least in America – with all of us being employed perhaps 10% of the time. There’s really not that much work to be done. In fact, it’s our excess work and production that give us more work to do.

We see that as a good thing, because we all want jobs. But we only want jobs because we need a way to evaluate who gets to have the stuff that there’s actually too much of.

We are coming back, but not the way Warren says. Or at least no the “we” that Warren is talking about.