Calling all McLuhan Fans

This is the only ‘academic’ organization I belong to (I’m actually on the board). And they’re doing a conference up in Rochester next spring. So, I encourage all my fellow armchair media theorists to submit ideas and come present them to this crew of McLuhanites:

Digital Environments and the Liberal Arts

The fifth annual conference of the Media Ecology Association

call for papers

The Fifth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association

RIT Campus, Rochester, New York

June 10–13, 2004

Media Environments and the Liberal Arts

How do changing media environments influence the ways in which people express themselves, communicate with each other, and pass on knowledge to future generations? From cities to cyberspace, and ancient writing systems to digital communication technologies, media help shape human interaction, understanding, and organization. This conference explores the various ways in which past, present, and emerging media environments influence human life in general, and its self-examination via the liberal arts disciplines. These include the subjects of inquiry and the way research is conducted, changes in human and mass communication, policy-making, and evaluation, individual expression and representation, formation and change in cultural attitudes, media representations of natural environments, emerging digital expression (hyperfiction, digital poetry, electronic music), and the social impact of media.