Team Human ep. 236: Fenton Bailey

TV Producer and Author of Screenage: How TV Shaped Our Reality From Tammy Faye to RuPaul’s Drag Race Fenton Bailey discusses the nature of the screen and the power it has unleashed for a designer reality. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff discusses how re-socializing the people can help us change the register. 📰 You can […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 213: Philip Rosedale

Founder of Second Life and High Fidelity Labs Philip Rosedale discusses the misguided efforts fueling Web3 and helps us retrieve the original mission for immersive social platforms. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff explores how speculators prevent crypto from working as a safe haven. 📰 You can read a written version of Rushkoff’s monologue, The Tail […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 212: Lisa Lovebucket

Founder of The Creative Arts Recruitment Squad and The Post Apocalypse School of Teesside Lisa Lovebucket shows us how learning to prepare for the worst may give us the resilience we need to avoid apocalypse altogether. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff asks us not to abandon people in red states. 📰 You can read a […]   read more »

Don’t Abandon People in Red States

I overhead a couple of high school students this morning talking about their college options. “I don’t think I’m going to apply to Grinnel, anymore,” one said. “Or Rice,” the other chimed in. “Screw them.” They were looking at the map of US states that are either implementing or likely to implement bans on abortion […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 211: Nick Kroll

Actor, comedian, and Big Mouth creator Nick Kroll argues for the power of comedy in challenging times. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff wonders if adults may have lost the ability to tell our kids that our adult lives are better than their tortured adolescence. 📰 You can read a written version of Rushkoff’s monologue, It […]   read more »

The Tail Wagging the Doge

One of the most common questions I’ve been getting this week is from young investors (they wouldn’t call themselves investors, but they are) wondering why their crypto holdings are going down as fast or faster than the stock market. “But I bought all this Ethereum because I knew the market was about to crash,” one […]   read more »

Breaking News: Stuff actually costs a lot.

Yes, gas prices are up. I saw a woman fill up her old station wagon with premium the other day, and her pump total went over $90. “Ouch!” I said to her, smiling. “This damn inflation will be the end of us all,” she replied, then added “Let’s go Brandon,” (meaning Joe Biden should be […]   read more »

Don’t Hide the Tech

I don’t like nice interfaces. I never have. I always found technologies easier to use when they don’t try to humanize themselves for me. Worse, when they do try to make themselves softer and squishier and “easier” for humans, I get concerned about losing touch with what they’re really doing for us and to us. […]   read more »