Team Human: Live in London Part 1

“What if we stopped thinking about the future as a noun and started thinking about it as a verb?” On July 9th 2018 Team Human partnered with Virtual Futures for an evening of connection and conversation at JuJu’s Bar and Stage in London. Joining Douglas on stage, science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer Pat Cadigan followed by […]   read more »

Team Human: Ep. 93 “Who’s Gonna Care?” Next Live show July 19th

A reminder that the next Team Human Live Event is July 19th in NYC. Douglas will be in conversation with actress and author Parker Posey, celebrating the release of her new book, You’re on an Airplane. There are limited tickets still available to Team Human Patreon supporters. Go to to support the show and get […]   read more »

Team Human: Moon Over Matter

Recorded live on June 21st at the Alchemist’s Kitchen NYC in collaboration with Evolver, this evening of conversation focuses on the non-generic quality of time, the way each week of the lunar cycle favors a particular neurotransmitter, and how to leverage this knowledge for better productivity, emotional stability, and social harmony. Rushkoff opens the show […]   read more »

Team Human: Don’t have to look like a refugee

   Whenever you’re confused by something Trump is doing, remember: he’s less a politician than a propagandist. Don’t look to the policy for the logic driving his actions — look at the pictures. This week, progressives are confused and outraged by the imagery coming out of Texas showing immigrant children being separated from their parents and […]   read more »

Team Human: New Episodes and Live Show!

Did you catch last week’s Team Human conversation with author, occcult scholar, and wizard Jason Louv? Jason helps us to see how the intentions we bring into the world of artificial intelligence could set something in motion from which it is hard to return. Jason’s latest book John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick […]   read more »

Team Human: Stupid Smart Cities and the Real Economy

Start your week off with two great Team Human conversations. This week we featured the brilliant technology and society researcher Molly Sauter. Molly helps us to see how stupid some “smart city” visions really are. Molly and Douglas discuss the extractive, “mining ethos” of the tech investment swarm, and how this mentality does harm to […]   read more »

Cannabis: Stealth Goddess

I’ve gotten a few requests lately for access to an essay I wrote, gosh, maybe 20 years ago for Julie Holland’s book on marijuana, The Pot Book: The Complete Guide to Cannabis. It’s called Cannabis: Stealth Goddess, and it argues that: Like a girlfriend or boyfriend who sees the “real” you, marijuana desperately wants you […]   read more »