Team Human: The Play is the Thing

Just getting a thousand humans into a room together to sit and watch other humans act out something on stage is the miracle. Playwright J.T. Rogers understands why the very act of doing live theater is so hopeful, and applies this hope to intractable problems like the Middle East conflict – with surprising, and Tony-nominated […]   read more »

Team Human: Defaulting to Colonialism

On this week’s Team Human, we discover one of the reasons why knowing history matters. William Hogeland, author of Autumn of the Black Snake, tells the story of how and why the US Army was created – not to defend our borders, but to wipe out indigenous nations. And all that, in an effort to […]   read more »

Team Human: Civic Engagement Beyond Electoral Politics

I’m really proud of my conversation with Civic Hall founder Micah Sifry on this week’s episode of Team Human. We get deep into the way electoral politics, though important, can actually distract us from the civic engagement we need to do here in the real world. Be sure to register for Personal Democracy Forum 2017 […]   read more »

Team Human: Tessa Fights Robots

I had a great talk with composer/performer Tessa Lena – one of those conversations where you get into the nature of life, what we can do with our time together, and how we are truly different from the machines and institutions that would control us. Luckily, we were in the Team Human audio booth at […]   read more »

Team Human: No Shame! Towards a Cooperative Economy

We just posted an entirely actionable episode of Team Human, with the founder of the Net Party, Pia Mancini. It begins with a monologue by me about the way shame over everything from gender and sex to money inhibits our ability to forge solidarity – by design. That segues to a great discussion with Pia […]   read more »

New Team Human Episodes

We just posted a great new Team Human episode with David Sax, author of the Revenge of Analog. It begins with a monologue from me about our growing intolerance for ambiguity in a digital age. Seeming stalemates and unresolved conflicts – take North Korea – feel like they must now careen toward one crazy conclusion […]   read more »

Alibi: Review of Aleister & Adolf

In a time where questioning what you see is as important as ever, Aleister and Adolf is a must-read book. By Mikee Riggs Aleister and Adolf By Douglas Roushkoff, Illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming Dark Horse Originals 88 pages $19.99 In varying degrees, evil can be viewed as subjective. What someone may perceive as a […]   read more »

Stir to Action: DIY approaches to the New Economy

Here’s a great new magazine out of the UK for those of us looking for hands-on DIY solutions for the new economy. I did an interview with them, too, asking people to evaluate just what value they’re really getting from the platforms they’re on.   Q&A with Douglas Rushkoff by Oliver Sylvester-Bradley Dec 27, 2016 STIR Magazine […]   read more »

Team Human: Episode 31 – R.U. Sirius “Counter What?”

Just posted a new episode of Team Human. My friend and personal hero, R.U. Sirius, evaluates the state of the counterculture, What is it we’re supposed to be “counter”, anyway? Maybe it is we humans who are the culture, and they who are counter…. Plus, a thought essay from me about what happens if Trump […]   read more »

Team Human: Get the blood off your phone, but keep the fingerprints

We posted a great new episode of Team Human this week.  Bas van Abel, creator of the Fairphone, helps uncover the real human costs of smart phone manufacturing, as well as his efforts to develop a viable alternative. The show opens with a monologue that asks if the Broadway musical Hamilton gives the Left a dangerously compelling a fantasy […]   read more »