Team Human ep. 203: David McRaney

Science journalist and author of the forthcoming book, How Minds Change: The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion, and Persuasion, David McRaney explores the circumstances under which minds can change – and what it means for all of us. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff argues for the broad spectrum of reasons why humanity might have a […]   read more »

Is This Compassion?

My go-to approach to crisis has always been to rely on my most rational sensibilities. Observe the symptoms, identify the problem, come up with a solution, and execute. In some ways, particularly in situations where another human being is involved, this approach has allowed me to insulate myself from the actual pain and suffering, while […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 202: Vicki Robin

Author of Your Money or Your Life and Blessing the Hands That Feed Us Vicki Robin explains what it means to be a town cryer – and how to maintain our friendships and civil interdependence. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff shares how he is finding success by diving in and experiencing the world head-on rather […]   read more »

Adjusting to One-Party Rule

This week, the Republican Party took the final step. They declared, officially, that the January 6th protests, riots, violence, insurrection or murders (depending on your perspective) were “legitimate political discourse.” Further, they ratified the motion that any representatives attempting to determine what happened on that day are officially censured and no longer supported by the […]   read more »

Why One Party Rule Won’t Work

Yesterday, I wrote up a thought experiment for how the Democratic Party could attempt to preserve the legislative process after Republicans’ officially determined their own more centrist members had committed “sabotage,” and defended the Capitol riots as “legitimate public discourse.” I deleted it because I think people were taking my proposal a bit too seriously. […]   read more »

We Still Haven’t Reached the Best Part of the Trip

I just got done with a talk for a college about how we squandered the possibilities for a networked society by focusing on IP in the cloud rather than the people with whom we were connecting. Afterwards, during the Q&A, a student wanted to know why I was so pessimistic about the digital future. I […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 201: Divya Siddarth

Political economist and social technologist at Microsoft, and a researcher at the RadicalxChange Foundation, Divya Siddarth introduces us to the Pluriverse and challenges us to consider just how many worlds are possible. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff reminds us that our happiness does not need to be tied to our aspirations. đź“° Read A Declaration […]   read more »

As Above, So Below

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I’ve decided to turn off the Wrestlemania passing for national news and focus on my local reality. I was hoping that helping neighbors, engaging in mutual aid, and working on local issues might just engender a kind of solidarity. And if we all did this, it would […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 200: Renee Hobbs

Founder of the Media Education Lab and author of Mind Over Media: Propaganda Education for a Digital Age Renee Hobbs joins Rushkoff to discuss how the enlightenment project can work without gatekeepers. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff wrestles with his decision to focus on local civics as the influence of national culture wars seep in. […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 199: Jamie Cohen

Head of Education at Digital Void and cultural theorist Jamie Cohen walks us through — and hopefully to the other side — of our fascist media environment. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff argues that the culture wars on Twitter and television are not based in reality, but rhetoric,. đź“° You can read a written version […]   read more »