We Wish to Inform You That Your Death Is Highly Profitable

Have you heard the good news? Donald Trump is suggesting our freeze on businesses as a measure to curb coronavirus may end as soon as Monday. Yes, allowing people to go back to work could lead to more widespread infection, but the deaths of a few hundred thousand — if not a few million — […]   read more »

Team Human serialization begins today on Medium!

The entirety of my latest book, Team Human, is being serialized on Medium, at http://medium.com/team-human That’s right: approximately one section of the manifesto will be published every week for the next 100 weeks. The book was written in 100 aphoristic statements for easy reading and sharing, so getting one per week seems just about the […]   read more »

Douglas Rushkoff on Russell Brand’s “Under The Skin” Podcast!

The United Kingdom leg of Rushkoff’s Team Human book tour included a stop to record Russell Brand’s Under The Skin podcast! Brand and Rushkoff discuss the intersection between social media and philosophy and the way that our culture and psyche has been influenced by new technology. #72 The Tribe VS The Algorithm: Can We Ever […]   read more »

Team Human on the Road: Naomi Klein, Amazon, ICE, Russia and More!

February was an intense month of podcasting, live Team Human events, Meetups, book talks and more! Still Fresh: Naomi Klein! Are you caught up on the latest from the Team Human podcast? This week we continue to feature this eye-opening Team Human conversation with author, journalist, and activist Naomi Klein. Klein and Rushkoff share a […]   read more »

Team Human the Manifesto is Out, New Episodes, Book Tour

Team Human the manifesto is Out Now!  My new book Team Human, launches today.  I’ve never written to everyone in my address book before, but this is by far the most important publication of my career: a manifesto arguing for human dignity and prosperity in a digital age. Autonomous technologies, runaway markets and weaponized media seem to have overturned […]   read more »

Team Human: The TED Talk is posted

I got to do a real TED talk and they just posted it. Check out the Team Human manifesto, presented in ten minutes!   Want more? Catch up on over 100 episodes of the Team Human Podcast at teamhuman.fm And order  the new book, Team Human here.   read more »

Team Human Live at Civic Hall Tomorrow 12/13, New Episode!

Join Douglas Rushkoff’s Team Human Show for a live discussion with Penny Abeywardena and Mark Pesce | Doors 5:30 PM Showtime 6 PM. Click here for FREE tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/penny-abeywardena-and-mark-pesce-with-douglas-rushkoff-team-human-live-tickets-52664675462?aff=ebdssbdestsearch Not in New York this week? Check out the latest Team Human. Geert Lovink and Douglas share a deep conversation about moving beyond platforms and formats. Can […]   read more »

Team Human: “The Commodity of Authenticity” and “System Reboot”

You know how YouTuber’s always start their videos with some forced, casual greeting like, “Hey guys!” It’s actually a faux, learned style of authenticity. And the more authentic it sounds, the higher the views and happier the algorithms. Authenticity (or the simulation of authenticity) is the new commodity. My Team Human guest this week, Jamie […]   read more »

Team Human is Done!

From Douglas Rushkoff’s mailing list. Subscribe Here Team Human, the book, is on its way from the printer’s to the publishers. You, pre-ordering it now, for yourself, your friends or your whole company/organization (if you have one) helps me and the book in all sorts of ways. No, we shouldn’t rework our whole lives to […]   read more »

Team Human: Two New Episodes, Meetup and Medium

Don’t miss the most recent episodes of Team Human! On Episode 109, Douglas hosted Jason Schmitt. Jason looks at the big business of for-profit academic publishing in his new documentary Paywall:The Business of Scholarship. Should the the world’s research be locked behind closed doors? Jason makes the case for open access on today’s Team Human. This week […]   read more »