Team Human ep. 210: Micah Sifry

The Connector journalist, activist, and author of The Big Disconnect Micah Sifry helps us find a better, healthier way to metabolize current events. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff offers a short, but concrete, set of answers about how we can confront our global crises. 📰 You can read a written version of Rushkoff’s monologue, Rise […]   read more »

It Doesn’t Get Better?

I found myself actually bothered by Elon Musk’s tweets today. For the most part, I’ve ignored him the same way I ignore most of what happens on that platform. I check out my own highly curated list of users for links to interesting articles I may have missed, and try not to get fooled into […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 209: Sue Thomas

Author of Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace Sue Thomas helps us recognize and restore the nature in our technology. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff reflects on Program or Be Programmed a decade after it was published. 📰 You can read a written version of Rushkoff’s monologue, Program or Be Programmed, on Medium. 🌍 Visit Sue Thomas’ […]   read more »

What? Your Assets at Coinbase are Not Safe?

Retail crypto investors, already reeling from recent losses, were additionally shocked this week to learn that should Coinbase or one of the other exchanges go bankrupt, the assets in their accounts may not be safe. In a worst-case scenario, investors who keep their tokens at Coinbase would have to line up with all the other creditors […]   read more »

Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires

We always knew but now we know. The tech elite mean to leave us all behind. I learned this when I traveled to a remote resort to deliver was supposed to be a talk for a group of tech investors. It turned out to be something of a “consult” to five ultra-wealthy men on their apocalypse […]   read more »

Rise to the Occasion

Sometimes it’s hard to write into the news cycle. I don’t like to write hot takes on things, no matter how closely related they may be to my areas of expertise. I didn’t even write about Elon Musk’s proposed purchase of Twitter because, well, I don’t really care. Not when people in Ukraine are getting […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 208: Neşe Devenot and David Nickles

Postdoctoral Associate at the Institute for Research in Sensing (IRiS) at the University of Cincinnati Neşe Devenot and Managing Editor of Psymposia David Nickles help us evaluate the current psychedelic renaissance, as well as those who may be abusing the power unleashed by the substances. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff discusses how psychedelics, like everything […]   read more »

Avoiding the Power Trip

I was a member of the psychedelic counterculture in the 1980s when pretty much every mind-expanding substance was illegal. For us, that illegality was just an obstacle. Taking a psychedelic or growing a marijuana plant was not considered a stand against a draconian legal system and repressive government but simply a way of getting what […]   read more »

Program or Be Programmed

As media theorist John Culkin first observed, we shape our technologies at the moment of their conception, but from that point forward they shape us. We humans designed the telephone, but from then on the telephone influenced how we communicated, conducted business, and conceived of the world. We also invented the automobile, but then rebuilt […]   read more »

Team Human ep. 207: Hannah Close

Writer, researcher, and curator at Advaya Hannah Close helps to bring us from mere reciprocity to true kinship. 🎙 In his monologue, Rushkoff discusses how haggling holds us all together. 📰 Read a written version of Rushkoff’s monologue, The Fabric of Society, on Medium. Click here to stream Team Human.   read more »