Club ZeroG & end of the Convention

Yes, ClubZeroG is still alive and well, enjoying the shelves in the comics shops and online, if not the bookstore chains. And a new interview (well, actually, an expanded version of an older interview) on Comic Book Resources should help some new people find out about its existence.

How about that convention? Thank goodness it’s finally over. The lying and meanness were really over-the-top. The theme of the whole show was, pretty much, that real men have no doubt about what they do because they’re macho and God loves them more. And anyone who thinks that actions should be considered before they are taken is a sissy. The world only understands machismo and force, and will not do as we say unless we prove ourselves that way.

The grins and shouts and god-stuff and lies and daddy posturing reminded me of both the movies 1984 and Requiem for a Dream (those game show sequences).

I do not believe America is as dumb as the people in that arena do. I don’t even believe the majority of the people in that arena believed, earnestly, in what they were doing – but saw it as a necessary stage in publicizing their party.

This one isn’t over, yet.