Comments Off

Sorry, but the popularity and intelligence of the conversations here has – perhaps predictably – brought some less-than-balanced people out of the woodwork. While I do trust everyone here to be able to scroll through or ignore such posts, there are students and other younger people visiting this site and I don’t want to confuse them or unnecessarily replicate negative thought though my own mediaspace. Plus, this site has been marked for censorship by the various cyber-filters out there (for its frank discussion of topic like God and drug use), which makes it particularly hard for highschoolers to do their work. Unnecessarily foul, racist, or homophobic language doesn’t help me make my case for exclusion from such censorship.

So, until I can revise the comments code to allow me to easily ‘ban’ users by their IP addresses, I’ll have to pause the comments.

Until then, please consider yourselves invited to the discussions on the discussion list I moderate, media-squatters, through YahooGroups.

In fact, I’ll post anything I blog over there, in order to start threads. I do expect to have comments back up here before long, though. It’s just with two major releases this week, an imminent death in the family, and a ton of email to respond to, I can’t take the time to remove comments from the pages manually.