Complementary Currency

My writing on is often an exercise in figuring out how to take whatever it is I’m really interested in the moment and make it relate to cell phones in some way. Here’s a pretty successful one, on the notion of complementary currency. I’d be interested in what you think of it – especially from the perspective of belief systems. Most people these days think money is real, after all…

It’s easy to talk about how handheld, networked computers (that’s what our cell phones are, after all) promote the decentralization of content creation, file exchange and even culture — but what about the stuff that’s so centralized we stop thinking about it as even up for discussion? That’s right: I’m talking about money.

Handheld wireless technology stands ready to enable what’s known as the “complementary currency” movement in ways so powerful that the dominance of national currencies such as the dollar and the euro may soon be called into question.

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