Corporatism on Alterati

My first conversation about my current project “Corporatized,” conducted by Jason Lubyk, just went up as a podcast on Alterati. Everyone in my family was suffering from salmonella via Veggie Booty at the time, but I’m hoping there’s something coherent in there, as well.

From Alterati:

If you’re at this site, I think it would safe to assume you’re familiar with the works of Douglas Rushkoff, as his ideas have fueled those who work at the cutting edge of culture and media for the last decade or so. If you’re not, where the fuck have you been? (Go to his website, buy his books and prepare to have your mind stretched, perceptions realigned and reality clarified). Doug was very kind to take a few minutes out of his very busy schedule to chat with us via phone. We get deep into cult phenom The Secret, his next book “Corporatized: The Myth of Self Interest” and the influential mindfuckery of Muppet master Jim Henson’s trippy short film The Cube.

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