Croatia Rules

I just wrote a thousand word post and lost it. Argh.

No time to rewrite the whole thing. Not today – so very sorry.

Basically, I wrote that Croatia was great. I gave one of my best talks ever there, at a Drama Academy. And it wasn’t my fault that it was so good. It was the participants. They put me on a stage, made me feel a bit like Spalding Gray. And the theatricality of the event freed me up to talk about the real value of theater – that moment when you wake up from the play and have a flash that, maybe, we have the ablility to wake up from the stories in which we sometimes find ourselves trapped, too. To go “meta” on the problem, and consider it from a new perspective – ideally, someone else’s perspective. I had a great experience of seeing the value of particularism and the value of universal collaboration.

And the ability of these folks – Croatians who, believe me, have been through a lot of real heartache over the past decade – to imagine new futures, to unlock the door on the control panel of reality creation and willfully change the settings – was inspiring, humbling, and astonishing.

More soon – thanks to everyone in Croatia for two great events, some terrific parties, and so much beauty.