Crowd-jamming a New Book Title for Life Inc.

So RandomHouse has agreed to do a paperback version of Life Inc: How the world became a corporation and how to take it back.

I’m going to add an extensive “resources” section to the end, with contributions from people and organizations who are succeeding at that challenge.

But they also want to retitle the book. Maybe to something more specific, or at least more evocative. Most people think the book was called “Life” as it is.

So, I am opening this quest up for collaborative frenzy. Help?

The book is about the way value creation and exchange has been legally monopolized by corporations and central banks – as well as how this dehumanizes us. It concludes with ways to take back peer to peer value exchange, and collapse this corporotacracy in the process. Click on the movie above for the 9-minute gist.

But I need a new title – ideally a better one, that will interest more people. Capitalism: A Love Story was a much more accessible title than Life Inc, for example.

If you come up with a title that works, I’ll give you something – like a bunch of books and credit – as well as my thanks.