Did You Give Money to Arthur?

I just got this from Jay Babcock, editor of Arthur magazine, on whose behalf I posted an appeal for emergency funds this past Spring. In the spirit of community, he’s offering to pay back those in desperate need of cash now that the overall economy is skidding to a halt.

From Jay:


Thanks to all who donated cash to Arthur when we really needed it back in June. Arthur is doing better now, but times are getting scarier for many of us with each passing day. In the spirit of generosity that you showed to us, we would like to make this offer: if you gave to Arthur back in June and are now in real financial jeopardy, please let us know by sending a money request to us via the same PayPal account you used to send us money in June. We will get your money back to you as soon as possible. As Lewis Hyde says in his book The Gift, we’ve got to keep the money moving. Even if all we’ve got are credit cards…

Stay strong, generous and peaceful,

Jay Babcock
Arthur Magazine