Don’t take no for an answer

Hey everyone. First, thanks so much for your rapid and enthusiastic response to my plea to purchase my book this week. As you may know, the first week out of the gate really matters – much in the way opening weekend box office returns can make or break a movie. Just the reality of modern publishing.

Another sad reality is that in a highly leveraged and computerized environment, little snafus can lead to big problems. In my case, an administrative glitch has led to the book not being available – at least in the nearterm – at most physical bookstores. You can special order it, but it won’t be on the shelves of your local Barnes & Noble (or, apparently) through your online B&N right now, either. I do appreciate the email forward from all of you who have gotten told by that the book’s publication was being delayed. IT’S NOT TRUE! The book is out and available, now. Amazon customers are already receiving theirs.

So, if you do still have the patience, please get the book from any of your other favorite online sources. My personal favorite independent is Powell’s, but Amazon is just fine and quite fast, too.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. If you actually do walk into a store and they don’t have the book, requesting a special order will definitely get it to you – and make a big impact on the folks who thought it might be okay to just leave the books in the warehouse…!

(And, as always, if you can’t afford a copy demand that your library get one for you, or email me and I’ll buy you one.)