Early Weekend

Well, I’m to off Utah, beginning tomorrow, to facilitate a weekend summit. Should be interesting. They’ve gathered together quite a crew of people – even a pulitzer prize winner – with very different sorts of ideas to discuss what should be done, if anything, about Judaism, Jewishness, even Israel, today. As facilitator, I won’t be able to actually say or share anything of substance – which feels like both a blessing and a curse. But it should put me in a unique position to think and watch, with no obligation to have an opinion. And it always feels good to help people express what it is they want to say, in an open forum. Kind of like moderating an online discussion, but in real life.

If you want to have something meaty to ponder (or discuss) while I’m gone, check out this piece from the SFChron site on The Second Holocaust and European Complicity. by Ron Rosenbaum. It’s about the way that the Middle East conflict plays into older themes in Europe.