Extensive and Terrific Review of Nothing Sacred

Nothing Sacred got a terrific and extensive review in Issues, a publication of the American Council for Judaism.

It came in very handy, today, as I confronted some strange personalities with axes to grind.

Here’s a snip:

This book is an important contribution to what, hopefully, will be a growing discussion about the future of American Judaism. It looks clearly at what is wrong with contemporary Jewish life and explores, as well, what is right about Judaism itself, not only for Jews but for the world.

In the field of communications, Douglas Rushkoff is the author of eight critically acclaimed books that have been translated into twenty languages. He has done all of us a notable service by turning his attention to Judaism – to its present unfortunate stress on ethnocentrism and self-preservation – as well as the potential of Judaism’s genuine universal message to engage not only Jews but all who seek to understand man’s place in the world and God’s role in our lives.

-Allan C. Brownfeld