Favorite Present Shock Interviews

I’ve been in media mode for Present Shock, hoping to get people to – yes – buy it! But it’s also a great opportunity to engage with people about the ideas I’ve been wrestling with for the past, gosh, twenty years. Here’s a list of some of my favorite conversations. I’ll be updating this post as more come in. 

All Things Considered (audio) The gist, in 6 minutes. 

OnPoint. (audio) Tom Ashbrook’s NPR show out of Boston. An hour-long interview with call-in. 

Interview with Rob Walker. (text) Former NYT Consumed columnist, now at YahooNews. 

Brian Lehrer (audio) WNYC’s morning show. 15 minutes with community radio’s best host. 

Edutopia (text) Brilliant Betty Ray engages with me about the implications of Present Shock for education.

TheVerge (video) Techno-shut-out Paul Miller panics over Apocalypto. 

PandoDaily (text) Andrea Huspeni interrogates me on the impact of Present Shock on business and startups. And how to thrive in this new landscape.