Finished My Book

I’m happy to report I’ve just emailed the manuscript for my next book, “Get Back in the Box,” to the editor, and I feel much lighter as a result. Sure, there’s edits ahead, but the biggest step is complete.

I’ll post more about the new book as it gets closer. I think it will succeed in doing for business and organizations a lot of what it was I trying to do for Judaism: showing that a renaissance, open-source mindset leads to great innovation. Luckily, many businesses have less at stake in maintaining certain belief systems – and their somewhat mercenary attitude can actually be hacked to all of our advantage. At least I think they’ll be willing to listen to the case for why they would actually be more prosperous and have more fun if they start answering real needs, and replace some of their competitive models with more collaborative ones.

But that’s for another day. Have a good weekend, all. Happy Purim and Easter to those who celebrate these holidays or their antecedents.