Forum with Michael Krasny – this Monday

I’ll be in SF for a couple of days this week – doing an event for Institute for the Future. And though I was unable to secure a bookstore event at such late notice (I was hoping for a lunchtime talk at Stacy’s, but they were booked up months in advance) I will be doing the best radio show in town, KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasney on Monday at 10am.

The topic is my latest book, Get Back in the Box. But, as always, I’m sure we’ll venture from there into new turf. If we’re going to be honest, here, I’d have to admit that not just one but two new book ideas were inspired at least in part by the conversations I had with Michael on the air. He’s got a unique ability to inquire about the implications of the ideas I raise in a book – forcing me to start another.

Anyway, sorry I couldn’t find a way to interact live and in person with everyone in SF, but please do feel free call in and we talk live that way.