Four Days of Links

I’ve been busy with Testament, my Discover column, a bit of travel, and a new book proposal. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what’s been coming back at me from the Internet:

The Big Mashup from Sun

By John Musser

Featuring a diverse group of people involved including Andrew Baron and Joanne Colan from Rocketboom, author Douglas Rushkoff, DJ Spooky and Sun’s CTO Web 2.0 and Chief Gaming Officer Chris Melissinos. More at Sun blogs from Paul Lamere…

Fascists Took My Gun, Blog & Hamburger

Susie Bright, Douglas Rushkoff, Norman Solomon and Tikkun’s Michael Lerner are among the smart folk who contributed. Christopher Hitchens, Noam Chomsky and Maureen Dowd were among those who refused to participate, because they hate

Bad News for Old News

MediaPost Publications – New York, USA

Douglas Rushkoff, author of several books on new media, including Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out (excerpted in this issue), is one of the…

Get Back in the Box

MediaPost Publications – New York,USA
by Douglas Rushkoff, December 2006 issue. Like a pot of water brought to a boil, it all looks pretty messy and bubbly right before…

Has American Become a Fascist State?

Douglas Rushkoff Media theorist; author; host of Frontline documentaries “The Merchants of Cool” and “The Persuaders.” Yeah, for sure we do. I’m actually just starting a book on this subject. The weirdest part, though, is that it’s not

Konur skal taka aftan frá.

By Sölvinn(Sölvinn)
Douglas Rushkoff, höfundurinn, kennir miðlafræði við New York háskóla, er stofnandi Open’>” The idea of Nothing Sacred [fræðibók eftir Rushkoff] was that the Bible—and religion—are not set in stone.

Testament # 12 – Review

Testament # 12 Writer: Douglas Rushkoff; Art: Peter Gross, Gary Erskine; Not going to write much about this issue, other than to say that the Babylonian god Marduk is summoned by the other gods. Originally he assumed a place as head god

Not a media revolution

By seamusmccauley
But the digital revolution isn’t a media revolution: as Doug Rushkoff argues and Terry Heaton paraphrases, “the web is a social phenomenon, not a media phenomenon or a technological phenomenon”. Aside from Google (which is admittedly an

Virtual Economics –

Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes

The collection includes stellar discussions with the key cultural luminaries, blogerati, and intellectuals of our time, from Douglas Rushkoff and Bruce Sterling to Doug Stanhope and Howard Bloom. Read the Table of Contents and you’ll

why I read arthur


zwarte poes .23 – MySpace Blog –

Top 50 P2P Podcasts by Topic

By [email protected] (Michel Bauwens)

Danah Boyd and Douglas Rushkoff on MySpace; David Sifry on Technorati; Douglas Rushkoff on the New Digital Rennaissance; Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia; Lawrence Lessig Podcasts on Free Culture; Pat Kane on the Play Ethic

P2P Foundation –

Mob rule? Not so fast.

By Terry

Doug Rushkoff writes of a fascinating incident that’s sure to spark debate as we continue to evolve to a truly informed citizenry. Here’s the story: A bicycling blogger had an incident with an SUV in New York. The blogger was upset that

Root Causes

By Doogie(Doogie)
Douglas Rushkoff opines the same message in the Dec. Rushkoff then goes on to suggest what I feel is a bit of a stretch: what we call terrorism is the uncivilized world’s dynamic response to what they feel is an injustice.

Atuuschaaw: Our Dumbing Down

Douglas Rushkoff has some interesting ideas concerning open source democracy and communities. It’s the communities we see growing now with As Rushkoff claims in his paper Open Source Democracy,. Political structures need to change.