Get Back in the Box, Now.

This is not exactly an “I told you so,” but I did tell you so.

My book, Get Back in the Box, looked at how business in America was about to fail because of its dependence on markets over innovation. I argued that only a return to basic competence could rescue business from its impending decline.

Now that most businesses have come to realize that outsourcing is quickly discounted by futures markets, and that balance sheet manipulation and mergers/acquisitions are no substitute for innovation, I think they might be ready to read this book.

Yes, I’d love to sell more copies. But more importantly, I’d love for businesspeople who feel all is lost to recognize that this is such a perfect moment to return to core competency, to remember what it was about their industries that excited them to begin with, and to reconnect with the processes and attitudes that make work fun and meaningful again.

It’s not too late.