Guest appearances

I’m doing some guest blogging for the next couple of days over at my friend Larry Smith’s new magazine site, Smith, so I might not be doing as much here at home until the end of the week.

Since Smith is all about personal narrative (their motto is something like “everyone has a story,” what I say there will be a little more personal than what I do over here. (I know – it’s all personal.) But, against my better judgment, I’ll be giving them some more overtly personal stories and thoughts than I usually share over here, as my personal taste is against doing anything that sounds like memoir. I think the stuff I come with is more interesting than me, especially since I’m not a college hooker strung out on crystal meth.

Meanwhile, I’m brimming with pride and excitement about the next issue of Testament. Guest-inked by Gary Erskine, it starts the whole series over again for those who haven’t been keeping up, and it represents the first issue where I feel I’ve really hit my stride as comics writer.

I’m also doing a little conversation with my good friend Rabbi Andy Bachman over at Jewcy (I’ll link once it’s up) – about how relevant “God” is to Judaism today. Should be an interesting follow-up to the recent flurry over here about my faith=illness tirade.

More very soon – and even more over at Smith.